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As an avid paper/traditional scrapbooker for the last 15+ years it's been with stubborn hesitation that I've finally embraced the idea of creating digitally and liberating myself from purchasing and hoarding supplies and products that I may or may not use.

This does not mean I don't still occasionally create using paper, glue, and scissors! In fact, I've enjoyed creating projects that incorporate printed digital pieces combined with the traditional scrapbooking approach to make what we refer to as "hybrid" projects!  Traditional scrapbooking will always be my first love but I'm so excited to share a fun new world of digital scrapbooking that you may have been intentionally avoiding for several reasons.

Maybe you've found yourself saying this....

"I don't have Photoshop and I don't want to purchase an expensive program" 
I'm here to tell you that you DON'T need it! I don't even own it or use it. Who needs the learning curve when you can get creating right away using an awesome user-friendly program called "Studio"?

"I'm not creative enough and wouldn't even know where to start."
This is actually one of the MOST exciting parts of joining my digi-scrap club! ANYTHING you've seen me create and share here can be transferred to your account where you can make your own version or personalize it to work for you! For example... let's say you fell in love with a Halloween layout I designed using photos of my cute kids. I can easily "transfer" or "share" it with you through Studio and then all you would have to do is change the photos to ones of your cute kids and maybe change the journaling.  Easy Peasy!!! There is also an AMAZING gallery of projects available to you with your paid subscription that you can use as a jumping off point or you can design something from scratch on your own.

"I don't want to take up room on my hard drive with a bunch of digital scrapbooking kits."
You will never have to purchase another digital scrapbooking kit if you choose not to!  As of right now there is well over 90,000 pieces of art in Studio so your creative options are endless!! Also... if you have kits already that you want to keep and use you most certainly CAN load them into Studio and create with them! No problem!

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